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The Ministry of Rodrigues The Ministry of Rodrigues

About Rodrigues

About Rodrigues
General Information about Rodrigues
Rodrigues is the main outer island of the Republic of Mauritius with a surface area of 108 sq. km and a population of about 38,000. It is situated at approximately 560 km to the North East of Mauritius and since 12 March 1968 forms integral part of Mauritius.
Summer extends from November to May with temperature varying between 29oC to 33oC. Winter is normally dry and cool between June to October with temperature varying from 14oC to 18oC.
Languages Spoken
Creole, French and English.
The Rodriguan economy is based on a subsistence type of agriculture, stock rearing and fishing. Agriculture is characterised by the predominance of the production of staple food such as maize, sweet potato, cassava, onion and garlic. The major livestock reared are cattle, sheep, pigs, goats and poultry. Total livestock production not only meets the subsistence requirements of the island but also generates surplus for export to Mauritius.
The manufacturing sector is limited to a few enterprises, namely stone crushing, baking, metal works, woodwork, garment making, shoe making and small agro-industries. The industries produce primarily for the limited local market.

Harvest of maize

Rodriguan products

Handicraft is source of income to many families. Local materials such as ‘vetiver’, aloes and coconut shells are utilised to manufacture handicraft products such as hats, bags, doormats, dolls and toys, crochet, fancy jewellery and coral sculpture.
Handicrafts products
The fishing sector is dominated by inner lagoon artisanal fishing in small boats. Octopus is the major export to Mauritius.

Net Fishing
Tourism is now emerging as a growth sector of the eoncomy. Rodrigues offers an unspoilt destination for the world weary traveller in quest of exotism and escape from the stress of modern life. The emphasis has been deliberately placed on eco-tourism. There are presently four registered hotels and several guest houses which cater for tourists including visitors from Mauritius. Some 26,000 tourists visited Rodrigues in 1997.
Access to Island of Rodrigues:

Air Mauritius ATR42
Access to the Island is from Mauritius
By Air : By ATR 42 of Air Mauritius (flight duration: 1½ hrs Mauritius to Rodrigues) twice daily on a regular basis.
By Sea : MV Mauritius Pride (Voyage Duration: 24 hrs) every fortnight.